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These amazing sheet face masks transform your skin completely and are super easy to use. The mask has an ultra thin basis that provides a tight contact with the skin and a better penetration of useful components in sheet mask. Choose which mask is best for your skin type by reading below: 
Green Tea -  OILY SKIN. Anti-inflammatory sheet masks with green tea can help reduce inflammation, refresh the skin, restore the brightness of skin tone and reduces excessive shine. Green tea controls the sebaceous glands, chamomile extract combats inflammation and moisturises the skin, and bergamot freshens and brightens up the skin tone. 
Damask rose  - DRY SKIN. Damask rose oil deeply moisturises the skin, brightens, and reduces the intensity of post-acne scars. This sheet mask is also a great with lifting and restoring skin elasticity. Damask rose oil also helps against pigmentation spots, chamomile extract fights inflammation and moisturises the skin, and grenade extract returns skins healthy colour and tone. 
Cucumber  - SENSITIVE SKIN. Cucumber extract pleasantly cools, moisturises and soothes sensitive skin. It helps reduce inflammation, charges the skin with moisture, thereby smooths out wrinkles and increases skin elasticity. Aloe juice helps fight inflammation, aniba helps in healing and clarification of small scars, and prevents the appearance of wrinkles.
Lemon - DULL SKIN. Lemon extract has a brightening and lightening effect, due to the content of vitamin C. It restores skin elasticity and brightness and charges it with vitamins. Mask softens skin and acts as a gentle exfoliation if used regularly. Apple and papaya soften the skin and moisturise.
Avocado - DRY SKINAvocado extract intensely softens and moisturises the skin, restoring its elasticity. The mask is ideal for windy weather and effectively combats skin flakiness, and reduces inflammation and redness. Milk proteins nourish and restores skin's protective barrier, and hyaluronic acid recharges skin with moisture.
Shea Butter - DRY SKIN. A real nutrient charge for your skin. If you are looking for the ideal product to nourish the skin, especially during autumn and winter; this is what you need. With this sheet mask the skin will be moisturised and radiant. Shea butter intensely nourishes the skin and restores its elasticity, hyaluronic acid recharges the skin with moisture and grapefruit oil softens and tones it.
Acai berry - ALL SKIN TYPES. Acai softens the skin, due to the content of natural acids, acting as a gentle exfoliation. Acai returns the brightness to the skin and fulfils it with vitamins, moisturises and gives it elasticity; and enhances the local immunity of the skin. Acai berries charge the skin with vitamins and softens the outer layer of skin, lotus extract soothes the skin, and hyaluronic acid charges skin with moisture.
Pearl - DAMAGED SKINBrightening sheet mask with pearl extract launches accelerated cell renewal, and helps in fighting with small tones irregularities and traces of post-acne scarring. It accelerates regeneration of the skin and moisturises the skin intensively. Tissue mask reduces redness and nourishes the skin. Pearl extract lightens the skin tone and has a lifting effect, honey nourishes and soothes the skin, and hyaluronic acid charges the skin with moisture.
Strawberry - ALL SKIN TYPES. Refreshing sheet mask with strawberry extract brightens the skin, helps in fighting with small tones irregularities and traces of scars and post acne scars. Strawberry returns the brightness and tone to the skin with vitamins and moisturiser, also gives it elasticity and perfectly tones and enhances the local immunity of the skin. Strawberry lightens skin and also helps lighten dark spots, yuzu reduces inflammation and orange softens and tones the skin.
Rice - ALL SKIN TYPES. Rice extract intensely moisturises skin. The extract of rice is a time-tested ingredient in the fight against stagnant pigment spots. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Mask returns the brightness and healthy tone to the skin. Vitalising and moisturising, it also gives elasticity to the skin. Rice extract lightens skin and helps lighten dark spots, beans give the skin elasticity and smoothness, and violet extract reduces itching too.
How to Use :
1) After cleansing skin and applying toner, apply to face and wait 10-20 minutes before removing. 
2) Gently pat skin to promote absorption of the remaining essence.
3) Avoid contact with eyes and letting sheet mask to dry completely.


Shipping times: 20-40 days due to extremely high demand and COVID-19.

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